Are you troubled by web and social in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in the online world? Have you or your family ever tried to troubleshoot a website issue?

I can help YOU develop digital strategies and websites for your fast-growing business.


Born in an age where digital comes easily, but strategy still reigns, Craig pairs his tech know-how to your strategic business goals.


Technology changes every day and Craig stays on top of the latest trends so your business can maximize its reach.


Websites and Digital Strategy are critical to any business. Craig develops your digital presence to help your company grow.


Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are top priority for business growth, but can be unwieldy for any business to manage.


Craig Caruso has been involved in technology ever since his first computer the Tandy 1000.

Everyone remembers the Tandy 1000, right?!

Craig is an entrepreneur, building websites that have been featured on Shark Tank, mobile applications and consulting for brands and businesses. One of Craig’s claims to fame is running social media for a small pizza shop in Brooklyn, La Casa Bella. The restaurant started with no social media or website; Craig built the platforms that La Casa Bella runs from their website to their social media. In the two years since launching their online presence, La Casa Bella has experienced phenomenal growth and even attracted celebrities to their store such as LL Cool J and other local personalities.

Craig also created iLineup, which rose to become a Top 10 App in Apple’s App Store within 48 hours of its release. His work has been recognized by the Staten Island Advance,, Rockstar Podcast, The New York Enterprise Report, and other publications. He recently filed a patent under publication number 20160119468 for Internet Protocol Communication Session Setup Using Interactive Push Notifications. Craig may wear many hats but is always focused and learning new trends in the technology and social space. During his downtime he is very active on Facebook, Twitter and discovering new apps to experiment with or just reading current technology publications.


Working with Craig was great. He provided tremendous support during a very stressful time while we migrated our site to a larger server to accommodate an anticipated spike in volume from our airing on Shark Tank. He was consistently responsive, thorough, and served as our guide and advocate throughout the entire process. I highly recommend his services.

Becca Brown
CoFounder of


It's been a pleasure to work with Craig for the past several weeks. He's not only efficiently fast but a professional and thorough. I'm a business owner and want to focus on growing my business. It's essential that I work with professionals such as Craig to help me with things that I don't have the time or expertise to work on - such as web site development. Craig is a WordPress master and I look forward to working with him far into the future.

Ramon Ray
CEO of


Peter Shankman
Working with Craig is like working with the guarantee that what you need done will get done, long before you realize you need it done. It's refreshing, in this world of lowered expectations, to work with someone who does better than expected, all of the time. I'll continue to use Craig for any project possible.

Ben Smith
Craig is skilled, experienced and has helped our business out in so many ways. He excels at identifying what the customer really needs and focuses on making sure we get the best value out of any service. It’s great to have access to Craig’s passion for helping businesses, and to trust him 100% with my company’s needs.

Vinny Milano
I believe I hold the distinction of the first official “client” of many years before their official launch. I have relied on Craig to build a web store, website and solve pretty much every problem in between. He's always been my go-to “web guy” for advice, direction and an honest opinion (often at strange hours, on weekends, and on vacation). Never once have I been let down by his work, determination or drive; having solved even the most complex of database problems with speed and efficiency. I can't recommend his services enough, as his contribution to my business has been invaluable through the years.


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